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 Patti Lightflower - I Read Hands - How to Arrange a Palm Reading


Palmistry Readings Online

It is an honor to have so many requests for my interpretations and insights on your hands.  Thank you!


This page will hopefully make it easy for you to select what kind of reading would work best for you.

I am happy to work for a fair exchange of energy.  This can be money or other forms of barter. Occasionally, I enjoy chatting about hands and doing brief courtesy readings on various forums and groups when I have the time.  You are welcome to draw my attention to your hands at one of these locations and I'll try to answer your specific question as time and energy allow.  Hands are read in the order received.  I will let you know if I'm backed up and need a longer time to fulfill your request.


Payments can be made to: at Paypal

Email me or send me a message at Facebook to arrange your reading.


Mini Reading - $15 US Dollars

Specific Question or Subject - I'll spend a short time studying the hands and writing a brief response to your question.  This does not include a follow-up question except to clarify what I've written. Depending on how busy I am at the time - receipt of reading is usually 2 - 4 days from receipt of hand data and payment.


Specific Question Reading - $35 US Dollars

This involves a more focused reading based on your question.  There can be one follow-up question on the same subject, after reading is presented.  Takes about 2 - 4 days after receipt of hand data and payment.


Full Reading $100 US dollars

Involves a full reading of the prints, photos and or scans that you provide.  The better the quality, the more I can read.  You may request a particular subject, questions, or a general reading of what can be seen in your hands.  After you've had time to review the reading, you may write back with feedback and ask questions to clarify what has been said and I will respond to those questions.  This reading involves several hours where I study the hands before I begin writing out your reading.  Due to the time and type of energy involved, this reading takes about two weeks after receipt of hand data and payment.


For additional follow up questions not asked to be covered in general reading an additional $10 per question would be charged.  If the question relates to something that can't be read in the hands, or images provided, your money will be returned.

Email me at or send a Facebook message to let me know that you are interested and I will tell you where and how to send the hand data.

Thank you!


in joy and in peace,

Patti Lightflower




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