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 Patti Lightflower - I Read Hands - How to Arrange a Palm Reading

Palmistry Readings Online

Thank you for your interest!




Email me to arrange your reading. 



Full Reading $125 US dollars

Involves a full reading of the prints, photos and or scans that you provide.  The better the quality, the more I can read.  You may request a particular subject, questions, or a general reading of what can be seen in your hands.  After you've had time to review the reading, you may write back with feedback and ask questions to clarify what has been said and I will respond to those questions.  This reading involves several hours where I study the hands before I begin writing out your reading.  Due to the time and type of energy involved, this reading takes about a week or two week after receipt of hand data and payment. The typed report is usually four to six pages of detailed information along with highlights marked on the prints sent. Email for more details.


You may also choose instead of a hand written report to speak live with me via Skype for an hour session and you then have the option to record it on your end. Since I save time not typing up the reading, a 20% discount is offered to the above rate. ($100)


Email me at or send a Facebook message to let me know that you are interested and I will tell you where and how to send the hand prints and photos.

Thank you!


in joy and in peace,

Patti Lightflower




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