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Hands have many stories to tell.

Often as I'm reading I get caught up in the story, the journey, as I move through the pages of one's life. I am so grateful for the many, many people from around the world who have opened their hands to me.

Do you have a musical bee in the palm of your hand?

Bees, Combs, and Fans: Pictographs in the Palm of Your Hands

Do You Have a Musical Bee in the Palm of Your Hand


Star~Delta Triradii: Human Impulse Markers

 we are all connected


The dermatoglyphics form fields that meet from three directions on the hands and fingertips creating what is called a triradius. These could be considered as human impulse energy centers.

This article researches and brings together data that illustrates the electrical nature of the human body and how cells in our hands send and receive signals to and from our brain and other major organs. 



Star~Delta Triradii: Human Impulse Markers - Patti Lightflower






What do Prince William and President Obama have in common?

Prince William left handed invertedObama inverted left hander

   Prince William and President Obama are Left Handed Inverted Writers


What did Walt Disney's long heart line tell us about his emotions?

Walt Disney's Palm Print

Did Walt Disney have a rare form of a heart line, the Suwon Crease, or just a very long heart line?  

Join me in exploring the possibilities.


Handle our earth

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volcanic ash

Volcanic Ash - Iceland 2010


 Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico 2010


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